Residential Life FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I have to pay a housing deposit each year?
No, after you pay your housing deposit your first year here you do not have to pay a deposit again while you are living on campus.
Can furniture be moved?
Furniture can be rearranged in your bedroom or suite, however you cannot remove furniture from your bedroom or lounge and place them in another room.
What do I do if something in my room/lounge/bathroom is broken/not working properly?
If you have any maintenance concerns please bring it to the attention of your Community Advisor immediately. Do not take it upon yourself to fix College property.
What is Housing Lottery?
Housing lottery is the process which upperclassmen go through to select their housing for the following year. Residents choose their housing assignment by seniority. Seniors pick first then juniors and sophomores. Each person is randomly assigned a lottery number within their class. Each person is allowed to 'pull in' their roommate and two suitemates (these two suitemates must be roommates).