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Lillie Aronson


My name is Lillie Aronson; I’m originally from Milford, CT. I’m a junior at SVC, studying Business and Management, and I hope to own my own bakery and cake shop one day. I’m currently the President of the Residence Hall Association. I also serve as president of the PRIDE group on campus, as Co-President of the Mad Hatters Theater group, as well as a member on the Mountaineer Events Board. I joined the RHA spontaneously, without a real understanding of what RHA was. I eventually decided to run for president as I am always looking for new opportunities in leadership, and the RHA offered the perfect chance. Hopefully as president I can take the RHA to great heights in its first semester as an organization, and help create a better living experience for on campus residents.

Kenneth Poteat

Vice President

My name is Kenneth Poteat and I am from Yonkers, NY.  I am 20 years old, a Psycholofy major, and I love to dance. I wanted to be a part of RHA because I share the common goal of making our campus and community stronger and closer together.

Jose Ferreras


Hey, guys! I am Jose Ferreras, a Creative Writing student from Brooklyn, New York.  I joined the Residence Hall Association, because I hope to help change and improve residence life on campus.  On campus, I am involved in a variety of different clubs and organizations, including Mountaineer Scholars (in the ISA 3rd Generation), Mountaineer Events Board (MEB), PRIDE (as the secretary), Mad Hatters (SVC Drama Club), Japanese Culture and Anime Club (JCAC), Multicultural Club (as the Co-Founder and Secretary), and the Shires Press Series (as the Ambassador).  I enjoy playing video games, watching horror movies, reading, writing, and singing (badly).  If I ever got the chance to visit the United Kingdom, I would spend a lot of time searching for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; because I am convinced that my letter was lost during Voldermorts reign in the late 1990s.  If I did find the school, I would first 'die', before making my way to Headmistress McGonagall to say, "You, Ma'am, are the bomb!  I love you, that is all.  Now, where can I take my first class?"

Kelsey Carrera


I am a transfer Nursing major and I'm from Queensbury, New York.  I joined RHA because I've always loved being apart of residence life.  I also am a part of it, because I want to be involved in a brand new club at SVC.