All first- and second-year students attending Southern Vermont College are required to reside in College housing. Exceptions to the residency requirements may be made if one of the following exists: if a first- or second-year student is: 1) living with their parents, guardians, spouse and/or child(ren); 2) nontraditional - aged 23+; and/or 3) a rising junior or senior. Students who live off campus without approval will be billed for room and board. 

Prior to admission to the College, new students wishing to appeal the on-campus residency requirement must submit a written appeal to the Director of Admissions and the Dean of Students. The student must clearly state the reason(s) for his or her request. All decisions are final.

Appeals of the residency requirement for currently enrolled students must be made in writing to the Dean of Students, whose decision is final.

Housing Eligibility

In addition to new first- and second-year students, housing is available to other full-time students (minimum of nine credits) on a space-available basis. Students enrolled in less than nine credit hours and wishing on-campus housing may appeal to the Dean of Students. All students are placed in double-occupancy rooms, with the exception of a small number of single occupancy rooms. There may be times when new students are assigned to triple occupancy or alternative housing on a temporary basis until space becomes available. Any student placed in this temporary housing assignment will be given priority for placement before all other requests.

A student who requests and accepts a housing assignment agrees to abide by all College policies, regulations, and conditions as outlined in the Student Handbook and the Housing Contract.

Housing Options

Within the Residence Halls, a variety of special housing options exist. Below is a description of those options. In the event that there are more requests for a specific option than there are spaces available, housing assignments will be made based on seniority, using the student's number of earned credit hours.

Each current residence hall (Aldis Hall through Ellinwood Hall) is made up of six suites. Each suite offers a living room, bathroom, and four double-occupancy bedrooms. In some suites, an additional single bedroom is also available.

The Residence Complex also offers a laundry facility, cable television service, telephone service, in-room Internet access, and a 24-hour computer lab.

Aldis Hall and Bowen hall

Aldis and Bowen Hall are designated first-year buildings.  Primarily for incoming Freshmen students, Aldis and Bowen Hall is suite-style living.

Cady Hall and ellinwood hall

Cady and Ellinwood Hall houses our upperclassmen and transfer students.  Cady Hall may house any overflow of first-year Freshmen students as well.  This is also suite-style housing.

Darby Hall

Darby Hall is suite style and houses upperclassmen students.  It is also designated quiet housing.

Hunter Hall

Hunter Hall is our newest residence hall and opened in 2009. Geared toward upperclassmen students as well as select first-year students (case-by-case basis), Hunter Hall offers a beautiful atrium with a full kitchen, various labs, and living and learning space where students can study.

Every room in Hunter Hall is a single bedroom within a suite.  Each suite has a shared full bath, as well as a half bath, and a shared common space with study lounges.

To read more about Hunter Hall's green building practices, click here!

Single occupancy rooms/charges

The College has a limited number of single occupancy rooms in the Residence Complex. Students requesting a single assignment in one of these single bedrooms will be required to pay an additional $350 per-semester fee in addition to the normal room and board charge.

If there are single spaces available in a double-occupancy bedroom, students requesting such an assignment will be placed in available spaces based on their credit-hour seniority. Students granted a single in a double- occupancy bedroom will be required to pay an additional $350 per-semester fee in addition to the normal room and board charges.

If a student is assigned single occupancy in a double-occupancy bedroom, the student will still be subject to a roommate if additional student(s) request housing, or if the Director of Residence Life deems it necessary to use the space. In such cases, the student will be refunded a prorated portion of the single room charge.

Housing Deposits

All residential students must have a $200 (nonrefundable) housing deposit on account with the College. Housing deposits must be received by July 1 for both new and returning students in order to guarantee a space. After that date, should there not be any spaces available, first-year students will be placed into temporary housing and other students will be placed on a housing waiting list.