Creating a Job Search Strategy

The Job Search can be broken down into 5 Steps to better assist you in organizing the process. Each stage requires you to complete different tasks but each is critical to “career management” in later life. Research tells us that you will probably change jobs anywhere from 5-7 times in your career; understanding these 5 Steps is therefore essential to navigating your career successfully.

Step 1 - Visioning and Defining You as the Product

Step 1 is to build a vision of you as product and define what you have to offer in the labor market.

Step 2 – Budgeting for the Search and Pricing the Product

Step 2 relates to the financial aspect of your search and determining how much you need to feel secure.

Step 3 - Target Market Research and Developing a Target List

Step 3 is to define your target market; where do wish to live and work and what hiring organizations/companies are located in that area.

Step 4 – Choosing a Strategy and Designing a Sales Brochure

Step 4 consists of developing a strategy to reach your targets with appropriate sales literature/message.

Step 5 – Implementing the Strategy

Step 5 implements that strategy by meeting people who can connect you with key decision makers.