Conduct FAQ

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I received a letter saying that I have an Administrative Meeting. What does this mean and why?
Please refer to the “Conduct Process” link at the top of this page.

What if I did not know I was breaking any rules?
It is your responsibility as a Southern Vermont College student to understand the policies here at the college. The SVC Student Handbook is available on the Conduct homepage and should be read thoroughly as to understand the policies on campus and within the Residence Halls. If you are unsure of what a specific policy means, make sure you ask!

What if an incident I was involved with happened off campus?
You are an SVC student wherever you go! Should a College policy be broken off campus and the College is notified, you may still be subject to go through the conduct process.

What if I do not show up for my Administrative Meeting?
If you are unable to attend your scheduled Administrative Meeting, it is expected that you contact the Administrative Hearing officer within 24 hours of your meeting. Missing a scheduled Administrative Meeting without rescheduling will result in a $50 administrative fee/fine and a mandatory reschedule. Should you miss the rescheduled meeting, you will incur an additional $25 administrative fee/fine and be found responsible in absentia.

What does “Responsible in Absentia” mean?
Being found responsible in absentia indicates that you have neglected to attend your Administrative Meetings. As a result, you will be found responsible for any violations in question and waive your ability to appeal the decision. It is always in your best interest to attend a scheduled Administrative Meeting as this is your opportunity to discuss the situation at hand!

Will my conduct history show up on my transcripts?
Conduct history may be provided to outside academic institutions upon request.

Will potential employers be able to see my conduct record?
This is a case by case basis. Conduct history being disseminated to any potential employer is contingent upon the employers request and the extent of the students conduct history.