Student Employment Opportunities

The student staff members that work for the Office of Residence Life play a very important and critical role in the residential experience here at SVC.  Whether it is community building, conflict resolution, programming, or simply just being there for their residents, the Community Advisor staff acts as our front lines within the residence halls and aim to have an impact on the lives of our residential student body.

The Office of residence Life strives to provide each Community Advisor with valuable skills and assets that will be beneficial well beyond your college years.  Practical skills such as the following are very attainable through the Community Advisor position:

- Leadership experience

- Resume building

- Effective communication

- Conflict resolution and Mediation

- Time management

- Developing a work-life balance

In addition to the experience available through the position, the Office of Residence Life also offers:

- A room waiver

- Your own bedroom

- Multiple trainings to teach and fine tune various skills

- A fun and inviting work place

Application Process

Applications are now available via the link below:

Community Advisor Application

Please refer to the position description below for more information regarding the Community Advisor position.

Community Advisor Position Description

If you have any questions, you may speak with your Community Advisor, Residence Director, or the Director of Residence Life!