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Southern Vermont College has long been committed to the premise that a quality education should be within reach of qualified students. To this end, the College serves its student body through a comprehensive program of federal, state, and institutional financial aid. While the basic responsibility for financing education lies with the student and family, resources can be supplemented with employment, grants, scholarships and loans. The amount of need based aid available through the College is limited, and is awarded based on financial need as demonstrated through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All financial assistance from the College is subject to adjustment if the recipient is later granted aid from other sources or as a result of changes in eligibility. Financial aid awards are contingent upon the student’s maintaining good academic standing and satisfactory academic progress.

Our student-focused staff works to help students and their families seek, obtain and make the best use of all resources available to help them finance the costs of attending Southern Vermont College. We aim to provide efficient and effective access to programs and services through personalized attention.

In partnership with internal, federal, state and other organizations, staff members coordinate the administration of all student financial assistance awarded to ensure equity and consistency in the delivery of funds to students.

We consider each application individually. We use the information reported on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and any supplemental information provided by the family as a guide in determining your financial aid award.

Community Outreach

Southern Vermont College understands the financial aid process can be complex and overwhelming. We are pleased to announce a series of financial aid information sessions. Our financial aid professionals will provide an overview of the financial aid process and will be available to answer questions. There is also an opportunity for the College Financial Aid Office to host FAFSA nights to assist students and parents in completing the FAFSA form.

student financial services Staff

Susan Rochette, Director of Student Financial Services
Phylle Lentz, Financial Aid Manager
Donna Pilling, Student Accounts Manager
Glory Daignault, Student Financial Services Coordinator

Please feel free to contact us at 802-447-6331 or with any questions.

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Sara Diane Nolan, MSW, Adjunct Faculty, The Donald Everett Axinn Division of Social Sciences

Sara Diane Nolan, MSW

Adjunct Faculty, The Donald Everett Axinn Division of Social Sciences
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