Melissa North, MSN, RN, CNE

instructor, the division of nursing

Healthcare Education Center 306

Expertise is a valued characteristic of nurses that develops over time and practice. Expertise cannot be taught in a classroom but occurs from the continuous assessment and scrutiny of performance through active, resolute reflection. It is the culminating step in the ongoing progression of a nursing student, from beginner to expert clinician.

To achieve the aim of educating professional nurses who possess the knowledge, skills, values and experience necessary, it is essential to provide personalized learning environments and small classes. Knowledge of nursing and appropriate application of therapeutic nursing interventions provides the foundation for nursing practice. The educational preparation of the Nursing students at SVC includes a focus on the development of psychomotor skills and sound critical-thinking skills with classroom and clinical activities designed to promote acquisition of those skills. Students are afforded opportunities for personal expression with the expectation that graduates will be able to communicate effectively orally and in writing.

I believe teaching and learning is a collaborative, communicative process, which fosters inquiry, dialogue, self-knowledge and evolution of thought. It endeavors to create a caring environment in which to provide the knowledge, skills, values and experience needed for successful nursing practice. The expectation is that graduates are capable of fulfilling their inherent potential, both personally and professionally, through the educative process and become lifelong learners.

As a profession, we cherish the professional virtues of honesty, compassion, integrity, fidelity and dependability.  Fundamental to the ethic of nursing is respect for every individual. Mutual respect between learners and their teachers is essential for nurturing ethical practice. Given the inherently hierarchical nature of the teacher-learner relationship, I believe teachers have a special obligation to ensure that students are always treated respectfully and given every opportunity to achieve success.

As an SVC alum, it brings great pleasure to have the opportunity to give back to the profession and teach within the same walls.


  • MSN, Concentration: Nursing Education, Walden University
  • BSN, Southern Vermont College 

Courses taught

  • Pathophysiology
  • Medical/Surgical Nursing
  • Evidence-Based Practice and Research

academic Research/interests

Critical Care Nursing: Evidence Based Practice (Stroke, Sepsis, CAD, CHF)

Why I teach

Teaching is a rewarding compliment to my nursing practice.

Favorite Book

The Miniature World of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

Favorite film

You've Got Mail

Best part of being at SVC

Being able to contribute to the nursing profession, promoting integrity and excellence.