David Lindenberg, MEd

ADJUNCT FACULTY, quest for success: the first year experience

Everett Mansion 305


  • MEd, Reading and Literacy in the Elementary School, Walden University, 2005
  • MEd, Special Education, Lehigh University, 1998
  • BS, Biochemistry, Lebanon Valley College, 1994

Courses taught

  • Quest for Success: The First Year Experience  

academic Research/interests

Metacognition, good study techniques and differentia

Why I teach

Interacting with the students and coming up with new ways to communicate information to them provides a constant challenge that I look forward to every day.

Favorite Book

While I don't have a favorite book, two authors that hold a special place in my memory are Michael Crichton and Torey Hayden. Michael Crichton's books were my first realization that I could relate pleasure reading to my academic life. Torey Hayden has inspired me to take the time to try and understand situations and people, especially when situations or communication is not clear.

Favorite film

I like films that are based on true stories. While I can't say any one film is my favorite, I never get tired of Stand and Deliver, Rudy, Lean on Me and Patch Adams.

Best part of being at SVC

Stating that everybody cares seems a little cliché, but seeing that so many people take the time to support the people around them is absolutely remarkable.