Will Hansen, MS

Adjunct faculty, the donald everett axinn Division of social sciences



  • MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, College of St. Joseph - Rutland, 2008
  • BA, English/Writing, Western Connecticut State University, 1992

Courses taught

    Introduction to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Case Management, Effects of Trauma, Adolescent Development

academic Research/interests

ACT Therapy - Autism Spectrum

areas of expertise

Child development, family and child therapy

Why I teach

The practice of psychology has given me a lot in my life. I feel obligated to give back to my profession, so I try and be the best teacher I can be. It's also a great opportunity to crack corny jokes!

Favorite Book

Grendel by John Gardner

Favorite FILM

Too complicated to answer with one film

Best part of being at SVC

it's all about the students - their learning and growth and the chance to have a good laugh along the way!