Administrators, Faculty and Staff Directory

The small size of Southern Vermont College allows prospective students to communicate directly with all faculty and staff. Listed below are their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. All phone numbers are in the 802 area code.

President's Office

Evans, David President 447-6319
Yearwood, Robin Executive Assistant to the President & Director of Special Events 447-6319

Academic Programs & Services

White II, James C. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs 447-6303
Gould, Kimberly Special Assistant to the Provost and Coordinator of Academic Initiatives 447-6333
The McCormick Division of Business
Hills, Stacey Chair 447-6359
Crowell, Charles Faculty 447-6386
Gorham, Jebediah Faculty 447-6382
The Hunter Division of Humanities
Burg, Jennifer Chair 447-4007
Deal, Michelle Faculty 447-6354
Levy, Daisy Faculty 447-6387
Sinkiewich, Lynda Faculty 447-6373
Winterhalter, Greg Faculty 447-6316
Division of Nursing
Botter, Mary L. Chair 447-6347
Franklin, Wanda Faculty 447-4656
North, Melissa Faculty 447-6355
Schultz, Kim Administrative Assistant 447-4661
The John Merck Division of Science and Technology
Kenny, Tammy Co-Chair 447-4663
Nelson, Jennifer Co-Chair 447-6327
Lippacher, Linda Faculty/Program Director of Radiologic Sciences 447-6338
Corcoran, Andrea Faculty 681-2867
Dufresne, Alyssa Faculty 447-4357
Quick, Sylvia Faculty 447-4096
Thompson, Jeffery Faculty 447-6389
Walsh, Julie Faculty 447-6307
Schultz, Kim Administrative Assistant 447-4661
The Donald Everett Axinn Division of Social Sciences
Stein, Scott Chair 447-6349
Knapp, Sarah Faculty 447-6348
Merges, Renee Faculty 447-6385
Redden, Tom Faculty 447-6350
Sanfilippo, Sarah Director of Library Resources 447-6312
Robare, Andrea Reference Librarian 447-6311
Registrar/institutional research
TBA Registrar/Director of Institutional Research 447-6324
Scriber, Keegan Assistant Registrar 447-6324
center for teaching and learning
McKeen, Catherine Director 447-6372
Lindenberg, David Learning Differences Coordinator 447-6360
Burns, Catherine Learning Specialist, Tutor Coordinator 447-4674
Donati, Stefano Learning Differences Assistant 447-6364
Faxon, Nancy Academic Advisor 681-2874
Martin, Tiffany Administrative Assistant 447-6375
Career development & Internships
Dunham, Betsy Coordinator 447-4631
college steps program
Oakes, Darcy Director 447-4078

Administration & Finance

Macksey, Jennifer Vice President for Administration and Finance 447-6310
Little, Colleen Deputy Chief Operating Officer 447-6317
Till, Tammy Controller 447-6392
Harris, Susan Virtual Bookstore Manager
Business Office
Reed, Kathy Accounts Payable Coordinator 447-6340
Legacy, Becky Accountant/Payroll Coordinator 447-6341
student financial services
Rochette, Susan Director of Student Financial Services 447-6339
Lentz, Phylle Financial Aid Administrator 447-6331
Pilling, Donna Student Accounts Manager 447-4052
Daignault, Glory Student Financial Services Coordinator 447-6366
Computer Service center
IT Technical Support 447-6344
Klauder, Mark Director 447-6322
King, Ronald Assistant to Director 447-6321
George, Deborah Custodian 447-6321
Boisvert, Patrick Facilities Assistant 447-6321
Smith, Lucas Facilities Assistant 447-6321
Gras, Gary Maintenance/Groundskeeper 447-6321
Cooper, Bonnie Housekeeper 447-4002
DeBay, Lynn Housekeeper 447-4002
Wesley, Tanya Housekeeper 447-4002
Human Resources
Sheringham, Carole Director 447-6358
MailRoom & CAMPUS Store
Harris, Susan Manager 447-6318


TO SCHEDULE A CAMPUS VISIT, PLEASE CALL 1-802-447-6300 or use this form.
Summers II, Daniel Vice President and Dean of Admissions 447-6300
Pilling, Lindsay '14 Assistant Director 447-4696
Waldron, Sebastian Assistant Director 447-6305
Clark, Lindsey Assistant Director/Transfer Coordinator 447-4099
Piazza, Emma Senior Operations Assistant 447-4654
Hashim, Mujahid Sharief Admissions Counselor/Athletics Liaison 447-4606
Bassi, Jordan '15 Administrative Assistant 447-6300

ADVANCEMENT (Development & Communications)

Moser, Nina G. Vice President for College Development 447-4046
Little, Colleen Director of Development 447-6317
Kenyon (Damon), Samantha Development Specialist/Alumni Relations & Community Events Assistant 447-6357
Biggs, Susan Senior Advisor for Communications, Strategic Planning and Support 447-4041
Whiteford, Marion Assistant Director of Communications 447-6388


McDonough, Michael Director 447-4658
Hodges, Ashley Assistant Director/Athletic Trainer 447-4670
Davis, Alyssa Softball Coach 447-4671
Engelstad, Dan Men's Basketball Coach 447-4012
Fitzgerald, Scott Men's & Women's Volleyball Coach 447-4657
Gage II, David Baseball Coach 447-4662
Gilmore, Greg Men's Soccer Coach 447-4684
Newton, Kathleen Cross Country/Track & Field Coach 447-4640
Otero, Thomas Women's Lacrosse Coach 447-4081
Quinn, Mike Women's Basketball Coach 447-4659
Zauzig, Michael Women's Soccer Coach 447-4639
Hashim, Sharief Men's JV Basketball Coach 447-4606
Diamond, Alyssa Assistant Athletic Trainer 447-4670
Nosek, Mike Sports Information Director 447-4672

mountaineer scholars & diversity initiatives

Figueroa, Ivan Director 447-4692

Student life

Goodwin, Michael Assistant Dean of Students 447-6328
Shields, Tammy Executive Assistant 447-6323
Goodwin, Michael Director of Student Involvement 447-6328
Schmutz, Shannon Residence Director/Civic Engagement Coordinator 447-4667
Somerville, Matthew Resident Director 681-2845
wellness center - Counseling services
Binette, Louise Director of Student Counseling Services 447-6343
Yinger, Leanne Counselor 447-6363
wellness center - health services
Berg, Debbie Nurse 447-4355
title IX
Goodwin, Michael Coordinator 447-6328
Hodges, Ashley Deputy Coordinator 447-4670
Sheringham, Carole Deputy Coordinator 447-6358
dining services
Cressy-Gassaway, Kelli Director 447-4024
campus Safety
Waldon, James G. Director 447-4004
Campus Safety Officers 447-4001
Student Government Association