Mountaineer Events Board

The Mountaineer Events Board is the largest student organization on campus. Known as the MEB, this group of students brings campus-wide entertainment to all SVC students.

Popular events on campus hosted by the MEB include magicians, mind readers, comedians and newly released movies. MEB also sponsors off-campus trips to New York City, late night bowling and apple picking.

In addition to fun programs, the MEB also brings traditions to the SVC campus community. Major events, such as Welcome Week, Fall Fest, Casino Night, Winter Fest and Moosapalooza, are some of the most popular events on campus and students look forward to these events every semester.

The Mountaineer Events Board is comprised of paid and volunteer student workers, lead by two Programming Assistants, who advise, supervise and guide the general members. All SVC students are welcome to join the MEB at weekly meetings on Thursdays at 2:15 p.m. in the Hunter Conference Room.

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