Study Abroad

Southern Vermont College students wishing to study abroad are required to do so through a program sponsored by an accredited U.S. institution of higher learning.

Study abroad is recommended for the spring semester of the junior year or for the summer between the junior and senior year. Students must apply for permission to study abroad from the Provost by filing an application which identifies the course work that will be completed at the foreign institution and for which degree requirements those courses will substitute. The student should work with his or her academic advisor in selecting an appropriate study abroad program, in the selection of course work, and in identifying how the course work will be applied toward an SVC degree. A student must request a leave-of-absence for the semester he or she will be abroad.

Study abroad, the course work, and its application to an SVC degree must be approved by the Provost prior to the student leaving for the abroad semester. Approval is valid only for the semester requested. Failure to obtain approval and to make a request for a leave of absence can impact a student's financial aid status and degree progression.

Information regarding study abroad programs can be obtained from the Office of Academic Affairs.