Internships provide students with the opportunity to apply theories learned in the classroom to practical field work experiences in businesses and agencies. Internships may lead to regular employment after graduation. To qualify for the internship program, students must have earned 30 credit hours and at least a 2.0 GPA and obtain approval from their faculty advisor and the Director of Career Development, who coordinates internships.

Internships may be undertaken during a College semester or during the summer. They are part of the academic course work and are measured in credit hours. To earn three credit hours, a student must complete 150 hours of internship work. For two credits, the student must complete 100 hours and for one credit the student must complete 50 hours. Based on performance in the work component and academic component that is assigned by their faculty advisors, interns receive grades of satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Students may develop their own internship sites or choose from an increasing number offered through the program. All internships have an on-site supervisor and are overseen by members of the Southern Vermont College faculty.

Students eligible to receive veterans' benefits need to be aware that internship courses are not necessarily viewed the same as other courses for Veterans Administration benefits. Internships require advance approval from the Veterans State Approval Agency of the Vermont Department of Education. As a result, there may be some delay in the receipt of the first payment of veterans' benefits for the semester.