History and Politics

(Bachelor of Science Degree)

The Bachelor of Science in History and Politics combines two traditional academic disciplines: history and political science.

The major will focus on United States history and politics, but will also allow students the opportunity to study the history and politics of cultures and societies within geographic regions around the globe. Understanding U.S. history and politics in a global context will be a central theme of the curriculum.

The curriculum is designed to provide a traditional liberal arts survey of history and politics and will prepare students seeking a career in law and education.

Law schools today are less interested in students with an undergraduate degree in pre-law as they are in students with degrees in a liberal arts discipline such as history or political science. The development of critical-thinking skills that occurs in such degree programs is an important factor in students being able to master the law school curriculum.

The curriculum will also prepare students who were seeking teacher certification at the secondary level. A History and Politics major from SVC would position our graduates very well to complete their Social Studies Certification for grades 7 to 12. Some additional course work in social studies may be required depending on the state in which a student seeks certification. Students interested in teacher certification should contact the State Board of Education in the state in which they seek licensure.

Program of Study

General Core Requirements
(Hp402 Senior Thesis in History and Politics - Capstone)

History and Politics Requirements:

  • Hp200 Introduction to American Politics
  • Hp201 Comparative Politics
  • Hp208 U.S. History I: The Colonial Era Through Reconstruction
  • Hp209 U.S. History II: Reconstruction Through the Present
  • Hp215 International Relations
  • Hp401 Research Seminar in History and Politics

Choose at least two of the following Area Studies:

  • Hp305 Middle East Politics
  • Hp310 Modern Asia
  • Hp315 Modern African History and Politics
  • Hp320 Latin American History and Politics

Related Electives, Choose at least three of the following:

  • Cj401 4th, 5th, 6th Amendment
  • Cm403 Media and Culture
  • En435 Topics in Literature of Diverse Cultures and People
  • Ev200 Environmental issues
  • Ev302 Environmental History
  • Ev303 Environmental Law
  • Ev405 Environmental Policy and Politics
  • Hp206 Western Civilization I: The Ancient World Through the Middle Ages
  • Hp207 Western Civilization II: The Renaissance Through the Present
  • Hp210 U.S. History Since 1945
  • Mg120 Foundations of Economics
  • So250 Race, Ethnicity, Class and Gender
  • So321 Social Research

General Electives: Choose 9 courses

A student must complete a minimum of 5 courses at the 300 or 400 level in the major.