Healthcare and Community Advocacy

(Bachelor of Science Degree)

Healthcare and Community Advocacy is an interdisciplinary degree designed for students who aspire to become educated and empowered to help individuals, families, and communities navigate complex and ever-changing healthcare systems. Healthcare and community advocates work to create healthier communities in several ways, including improving access to healthcare, advocating for policy changes that will benefit public health and enhancing patient-provider communication.

The Healthcare and Community Advocacy degree consists of eight core courses across the areas of psychology and healthcare; four support courses that include professional ethics, human development, advances issues in healthcare, and diverse populations. As part of the core of this major, students are required to complete a practicum in their field and a senior seminar course. This curriculum will prepare knowledgeable professionals who are able to effectively advocate for themselves and others in order to improve public health.

Practicum Requirement
Participation in at least one practicum experience is required of all students. The experience gained through the practice of theory and techniques in the field is an important element of the profession. Students are placed with community agencies and private practice sites under the supervision of professionals. In addition, students attend a weekly seminar that prepares them to search for, apply to and successfully interview with potential places of employment.

Program of Study

The degree must include a minimum of five courses in Psychology taken at the 300 and/or 400 level.

General Core Requirements

Healthcare and Community Advocacy Core (4 courses):

  • Hc100 Introduction to Healthcare
  • Hc402 Healthcare Practicum & Seminar
  • Hc450 Healthcare Senior Seminar
  • Py150 Psychology
  • Py250 Case Management
  • Py321 Social Research
  • Py360 Community-Based Intervention & Advocacy
  • Py415 Conflict Resolution

Healthcare and Community Advocacy Required Support Courses (4 courses):

Choose one of each from Professional Ethics, Developmental, Advanced Issues in Healthcare and Diverse Populations:

Professional Ethics:

  • Py315 Ethics in the Helping Professions
  • Rs315 Ethics in the Helping Professions
  • So206 Social Ethics
  • Py203 Lifespan Development
  • Py205 Child Growth and Development
  • Py206 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
  • Py307 Issues in Adolescence

Advanced Issues in Healthcare:

  • Hc310 Healthcare Law
  • Hc315 Healthcare Insurance
  • Hc420 Topics in Healthcare Management and Advocacy

Diverse Populations:

  • Py204 Family Dynamics
  • Py208 Chemical Dependency
  • Py260 Family Violence
  • Py351 Health and Stress
  • So250 Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Class

General Electives: Choose 8 courses