Pre-Licensure BSN Track

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The Pre-Licensure BSN track is designed for individuals who wish to achieve a BSN and upon graduation be eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN examination. You'll learn by participating in simulation labs and then clinical rotations in a variety of settings, including hospitals and other patient settings, both large and small with Vermont and Massachusetts.

As research has demonstrated, baccalaureate and higher levels of nursing education lead to more positive patient outcomes. The baccalaureate prepared nurse has the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to provide and coordinate care in complex and diverse health care settings. This includes preparation to contribute to quality and safety initiatives for the continuous improvement of patient care, and to serve as a full partner in the redesign and advancement of healthcare.

Pre-Licensure BSN Track Course Sequence

Semester Courses Credits
First Year - First Semester Fy100 Quest for Success: The First Year Experience (4 cr)
Py150 Psychology (4 cr)
En101 English Composition I (4 cr)
Ns235 Anatomy and Physiology I (4 cr)
Clinical = 0 hrs 16
First Year - Second Semester Ns236 Anatomy and Physiology II (4 cr)
En102  English Composition II (4 cr)
Ns240 Medical Microbiology (4 cr)
Ns221 Human Nutrition (4 cr)
Clinical = 0 hrs  16
Second Year - Third Semester Ns104 General Chemistry (4 cr)
Py203 Lifespan Development (4 cr)
So250 Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Class (4 cr)
OR one of following: So201, So202, So206, So300
Nu211 Foundations of Professional Nursing (4 cr)
Clinical 15 hrs + 15 hrs lab
Clinical = 15 hrs 16
Second Year - Fourth Semester Ma202 Statistical Methods (4 cr)
Humanity Requirement (4 cr)
Nu221 Health Assessment and Health Promotion (4 cr)
Nu222 Concepts of Nursing Practice (4 cr)
Clinical 60 hrs + 24 hrs lab
Clinical = 60 hrs 16
Third Year - Fifth Semester Nu311 Research & Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (4 cr)
Nu312 Pathophysiology (4 cr)
Nu313 Pharmacology (4 cr)
Nu314 Care of Elders (4 cr)
Clinical 60 hrs
Clinical = 60 hrs 16
Third Year - Sixth Semester Mg120 Foundations of Economics (4 cr)
OR one of the following: Hc310, Hc315
Humanity Requirement (4 cr)
Nu321 Care of the Med/Surg Patient and Family I (4 cr)
Clinical 60 hrs
Nu328 Care Along the Continuum of Mental Health
Clinical 45 hrs
Clinical = 105 hrs 16
Fourth Year - Seventh Semester Nu411 Care for Women and Child-Bearing Families (4 cr)
Clinical 45 hrs
Nu410 Care of Children and Families (4 cr)
Clinical 45 hrs
Nu413 Care of the Med/Surg Patient and Family II (4 cr)
Clinical 60 hrs
Elective (4 cr)
(A minimum of two 300 or 400 level non-nursing courses are required)
Clinical = 150 hrs 16
Fourth Year - Eighth Semester Nu421 Community and Public Health Nursing (4 cr)
Clinical 45 hours
Nu422 Transitions to Professional Practice (4 cr)
Clinical 75 hours
Nu423 Leadership and Management for Quality
Healthcare Systems (4 cr)
Elective (4 cr)
(A minimum of two 300 or 400 level non-nursing courses are required)
Clinical = 120 hrs 16
Required for Graduation/Total Credits 128
  • Ethics requirement met with Nursing Core Courses
  • Diversity requirement met with So250 or So201 or So202 or So206 or So300
  • Sustainability requirement met with Ns240 Medical Microbiology

(Pre-Licensure BSN Curriculum - Initial SVC Curriculum Committee Approval: 10/15/13, Pre-requisite revisions approved 4/8/14)

Graduates of the Pre-Licensure BSN track are eligible to apply for licensure by examination through any State Board of Nursing. Successful completion of the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) and compliance with all requirements for licensure as established by the State Board of Nursing are required for licensure as a Registered Nurse.

Completion of the Pre-Licensure BSN does not guarantee licensure. Licensing decisions are the purview of each State Board of Nursing. For example, physical, mental or other disorders, including chemical dependence, that would impair the ability to practice as a RN or a history of previous convictions may affect a person’s ability to obtain a RN license and pursue a nursing career. Questions regarding RN licensure in the State of Vermont may be directed to Vermont State Board of Nursing, at 802-828-2396, or via the Internet at