General Core

The general core courses provide the breadth of learning necessary to meet the challenges of a lifetime of independent and creative thinking. All students at SVC are required to take the following core courses in addition to the courses required by their chosen degree programs:

Associate's Degree general core:

Entering into the Discussion
    Writing Courses (two courses): Traditional: En101 English Composition I and En102 English Composition II, Advanced Option: En150 Advanced Composition and any other Cw or En course. 8
    Bookended Course: Fy100 Quest for Success. This course can be taken in any major. Transfer students may use an elective course to fulfill this requirement. 4
Exploring the Diversity
    Humanities (one course): (Ar, Cm, Cw, En, Hu, Mu, or Ph Prefixes) 4
    Social Sciences (one course): (Cj, Hp, Py, or So Prefixes) 4
    Natural Sciences and Math (one course): (Ev, Ma, or Ns Prefixes) 4

Students in the associate's-degree level would not have any of the additional requirements (300-level courses or Sustainability, Ethics, Human Diversity) required for the bachelor' degree.