Business Administration - Sports Management

(Bachelor of Science Degree)

The Business Administration and Sports Management program provides a comprehensive, team-based curriculum integrating general and specialized business courses with laboratory-learning practicum opportunities. Graduates are prepared to become business managers and leaders. A Sports Management degree offers many exciting and diverse career opportunities in the sports, fitness, health, wellness and recreation industries. Students may focus their education on working in amateur, recreational, collegiate or professional sport organizations.


General Core Requirements (12 courses)

Entering the Discussion (3 courses)
Writing Courses
En101 English Composition I
En102 English Composition II
Bookend Course
Fy100-Mg Quest for Success: The First Year Experience (Business Division)

Exploring Diversity (8 courses)
Humanities Courses
Two courses in Art History, Communication, Creative Writing, English, Humanities, Music, Philosophy or Visual Arts
Social Sciences
Two courses in Criminal Justice, History & Politics, Psychology or Social Science
Natural Sciences and Math
Two courses in Biology, Environmental Studies, Math or Natural Science
Career Enhancing
Two courses in Business Administration, Management or related discipline

Consolidating Knowledge
Mg485 Management Practicum II

Professional Core (6 courses)
Mg110 Accounting Fundamentals
Mg120 Foundations of Economics
Mg130 Marketing Fundamentals
Mg150 Organizational Management
Mg210 Operational Finance
Mg225 Business Law

Sports Management Core (7 courses)
Mg140 Introduction to Sports Management
Mg325 Sports Law
Mg385 Management Practicum I
Four 300/400-level Sports Management courses

General and Recommended Business Electives (7 courses)